Scared A Little

Tension track with a sense of nervousness like pacing down the streets at night, avoiding dark alleys and strange glances. Disturbing in a way. This tracks thrives on anticipation, awaiting some sort of mugging or attacking.

Raining Hope

Sad yet hopeful. The end of the relationship, the end of the season, the final stretch. Picture two old friends bringing it in for a hug but recognizing the wrinkles on each others face. A slight sense of despair yet somehow resolved.

Everything Ahead Of Me

“Nothing behind me, everything ahead of me, as is always on the road” –

    On The Road

, Jack Kerouac
This song calls to mind the image of driving with an empty seat sitting next to you. Absorbing the scenery with no destination in mind but further. Imagine the gas fumes appear and disappear like a mirage of water in the desert, no turns just a straight path to no where.