The Year Of Spectacular Men

Congratulations to GpsSongs artist Roger Loukes on placing his song “Tell me like you do” in the upcoming film.
The Year Of Spectacular Men !

One of the jobs i enjoy most in running my music publishing company GpsSongs is calling one of the many artist’s we represent and telling them one of their songs is getting used in a project !

Being a songwriter myself and I have had this happen many times with my own songs.. it never gets old ! Somebody cares enough about your art not only to want to use it in a project …..but pay you for it 😉

This looks like a cool film staring Lea Thompson (she played Michael J Fox’s girlfriend in the Back To The Future movies)
and two of Lea’s daughters are in the film as well.

Keep an eye out for…The Year Of The Spectacular Men
and an ear open for Roger’s song “Tell me like you do” ! #theyearofspectacularmen #gpssongs

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