Bump In The Night

Retro disco sounding track with a chill female vocal. Lyrics talk of neon lights, downtown city streets, the club. Song begs to be played on a chill limo ride, in the headphones of a twilight silhouette strutting down the streets of LA, or out of a car stereo overwhelmed by the city lights.

Bump In The Night Instrumental

Chill, laid back, feel good track with a hint of disco. Electronic sounds and jangly guitar make up this instrumental. Decorated with a few break downs of select instruments to keep things interesting. Maintains a constant mood throughout of cool and carefree. Sounds like Daft Punk.

80s Pop Parade

Retro, vintage, instrumental straight from 1980s pop radio. Sounds like Kenny Logins, Tina Turner, stereo typical 80s.

Live The Moment

A captivating dance/pop song that will make you get off your feet and “live the moment.” ┬áThis song is an energy all on its own.