Where’s The Crowd

Authentic late 1970s recording ala “Queen” meets the “Beatles”  This epic song has many facets of simple to enthusiastic to psychedelic.  Light orchestration and solo voice, too big harmonies, and full on rock pop band.  The character is searching for hope.  The upbeat section enlightens.

Artist: Bill Sandwick

It’s Good

Retro 70’s theme bouncy, upbeat, and positive. Everything is good.
Perfect for product advertisement.

Shake A Tail Feather

Retro sounding dixie band blues with a male gang vocal. Fun, upbeat, and playful.

Can You Believe It

Retro sounding track female vocal and uke. Uplifting, bouncy, and positive about dreams coming true. Perfect for positive product advertisement.

What Did I Do

Authentic 1950s recording..
In the style of “Bobby Bare” and “Ray Price”
The relationship is over, but wondering “What Did I Do” to make it happen.

Immune To Love

Authentically recorded in the 1950s
In the style of “Bobby Darin” “Elvis Presley” and “Johnny Lidell”
A sincere ballad about lost love and heartbreak.

Foolish Pride

This song was authentically recorded in the 1950s.
Similar to Chuck Berry and Buddy Holly.
A lyric about a broken heart and bruised pride.

Don’t Awaken Me

This song was authentically recorded in the 1950s.
Upbeat fun retro rock and roll about a guy so deep in love
and happy he thinks it must be a dream.

This track fits on a playlist with Buddy Holly and Gene Vincent.