All These Girls

Confident, bugglegum pop song, about a man with a multitude of women to choose from. Some of us just aren’t that lucky! Sounds like Big Time Rush or The Jonas Brothers.

I Want You To Want Me

Cover of the Cheap Trick classic sing-along. New spin, from a girl’s perspective! Modernized with electronic enhancements and a tempo that is seriously irresistable. Phenomenal female vocal that is dangerously catchy.

What A Life

Edgy, Bluesy, talkin’ guitar riff that is sure to have you clapping along if not dancing and spinning around. Instrumental with Bonham-bastic drums. Stylisticly sounds like The Black Keys, Jack White

Big Swing

This track is a rock/punk flavored song featuring female vocals with a juicy topic. Woman fights back against her man. One big swing! Perfect for the scene it describes, this track really packs a punch!