Love Music

Authentic 1970s recording. Psychedelic hippy influenced jam about love. Peace.

Smooth male vocal.  Funky groove with jam band, congas, wurly keyboard, talkbox, and psychedelic effects.

Artist: Bill Sandwick

Leave You Blue

This track sounds like Avril Lavigne, Paramore. Talks of a relationship that started out promising but came to an upsetting end. The cliche of fairy tale relationships is a lyrical theme. This track begins very frail and innocent like a young girls heart and then builds into a female rock chorus with an emotional and hurt vocal.

We’re Through

This track is reminiscent of Five For Fighting but with some modern electronic stylings. “I’m done with you” this is a stereotypical break up song. Very Gavin DeGraw, Neon Trees

The World Is Fallin’

This song is characterized by its pop ballad piano and its modern vocal style. The drums pull this track to the rock world. Theme about a girl having a bad day but from the perspective of the observer/guy interested. Tone is empathetic,, sympathizing with this girl.


Heartfelt pop song about a breakup that left each person “crushed” Appropriately defines any dramatic high school relationship that seems like the end of the world when it’s over. A few tears may have been shed for the inspiration of this song.

I Want You To Want Me

Cover of the Cheap Trick classic sing-along. New spin, from a girl’s perspective! Modernized with electronic enhancements and a tempo that is seriously irresistable. Phenomenal female vocal that is dangerously catchy.

Living Our Love Song

Upbeat, driving pop song with a young male vocal. Lyric about how madly in love he is with this girl. Perfect for a theme of young love.

Turn Me On

Every woman wants to groove on the dance floor and this song speaks of a girl challenging a man to make the right moves to turn her on. This dance/pop song just feels right for going out in the town and partying. Perfect for the club scene.