Take You Down

Pop Rock adrenaline. ┬áMale vocal. ┬áReady to “Take You Down”

Love My Baby

Blues Band medium shuffle. Positive lyric about his good lady.

I Can Climb Mountains

This modern pop/rock song sounds like Hunter Hayes or Big Time Rush. A gospel like chorus seperates this song from other modern pop songs. Theme of doing anything and everything for a girl. Some interesting and catchy male vocal riffing really makes this song stand out!

I Want You To Want Me

Cover of the Cheap Trick classic sing-along. New spin, from a girl’s perspective! Modernized with electronic enhancements and a tempo that is seriously irresistable. Phenomenal female vocal that is dangerously catchy.

Return to Grace

Feel the emotion of longing, waiting, and hoping for love. This modern pop rock track emotes a powerful yearning that will bring tears to your eyes. Excellent movie/tv dramatic support. ala Coldplay, The Fray, and U2. Male singer, contemporary and fresh. Think “Hallelujah” by Jeff Buckley.

Dig A Hole

With a serenading ukulele part and soft longing vocals, Dig A Hole is a simple and sweet love song concerned with the little things in life. Cool, hip, and reflective with honest revealing vocals. A perfect accompaniment for visual scenes showing deep relationships and love.

Lovey Dovey

High Energy Pop Punk song about young innocent love. “Baby I’m not Crazy, I’m in Love” Perfect for boy meets girl scenes where love is fresh and anxious because that special someone is the room.